Street Politics in the Age of Austerity


Street Politics in the Age of Austerity. From the Indignados to Occupy

Marcos Ancelovici, Pascale Dufour, Héloïse Nez (eds.)

Amsterdam University press, « Protest and Social Movements »


312 p.

89 € (Hard cover)


The past few years have seen an unexpected resurgence of street-level protest movements around the world, from the uprisings of the Arab Spring to the rise of the anti-austerity Indignados in Spain and Greece to the global spread of the Occupy movement. This collection is designed to offer a comparative analysis of these movements, setting them in international, socio-economic, and cross-cultural perspective in order to help us understand why movements emerge, what they do, how they spread, and how they fit into both local and worldwide historical contexts. As the most significant wave of mass protests in decades continues apace, this book offers an authoritative analysis that could not be more timely.



Introduction : Pascale Dufour, Héloïse Nez and Marcos Ancelovici, « From the Indignados to Occupy: Prospects for Comparison »

Part 1. How Structural Factors Shape Mobilization

George Ross, « Austerity and New Spaces for Protest. The Financial Crisis and Its Victims »

Hanspeter Kriesi, « Mobilization of Protest in the Age of Austerity »

Ignacia Perugorría, Michael Shalev and Benjamín Tejerina, « The Spanish Indignados and Israel’s Social Justice Movement. The Role of Political Cleavages in Two Large-Scale Protests »

Part 2. The Practical and Spatial Dimensions of Activism

Héloïse Nez, « “We Must Register a Victory to Continue Fighting”. Locating the Action of the Indignados in Madrid »

Maria Kousis, « The Spatial Dimensions of the Greek Protest Campaign against. The Troika’s Memoranda and Austerity, 2010-2013 »

Marcos Ancelovici, « Occupy Montreal and the Politics of Horizontalism »

Part 3. Complex Diffusion, from the Global Justice Movement to Indignados to Occupy

Jackie Smith, « Social Movements and Political Moments. Reflections on the Intersections of Global Justice Movements & Occupy Wall Street »

Leonidas Oikonomakis and Jérôme E. Roos, « A Global Movement for Real Democracy? The Resonance of Anti-Austerity Protest from Spain and Greece to Occupy Wall Street »

Part 4. When the Crisis Is not Enough

Clément Desbos and Frédéric Royall, « Camps as the Sole Symbolic Expression of Protest. The Difficulties of Occupy in Ireland »

Didier Chabanet and Arnaud Lacheret, « The Occupy Movement in France. Why Protests Have Not Taken Off »