Putting Deliberation in its Place: Workshop with Mark Warren

The Centre for the Study of Democracy is organising a workshop on ‘Putting Deliberation in its Place’ on Saturday 10 December.

The keynote address will be given by Professor Mark Warren, University of British Columbia.

The workshop will focus on whether the privileging of deliberation skews the way we conceptualise and analyse democratic practices, institutions and political systems. In what ways do other theories, perspectives and approaches to democracy offer important insights that are overlooked or underplayed by deliberative democrats?

We invite contributions to the workshop that critically and sympathetically engage with aspects of deliberative democracy as a normative ideal or theory, analytical framework or set of practices.

If you are interested in making a formal contribution to the workshop please contact Graham Smith at g.smith@westminster.ac.uk

Find out further details of the workshop.

This event is supported by the PSA Participatory and Deliberative Democracy and ECPR Democratic Innovations Specialist Groups.