Hope for Democracy



Hope for Democracy.30 Years of Participatory Budgeting Worldwide

Nelsion Dias (dir.)

Epic Books et Oficina, 2018

640 p.



Lancement de la seconde édition du panorama mondial des budgets participatifs coordonné par Nelson Dias (télécharger la première édition à : https://periferia.be/panorama-dexperiences-hope-for-democracy-25-years-of-participatory-budgeting-worldwide/). Les 640 pages de cette nouvelle édition dressent une cartographie des pratiques de budgets participatifs dans le monde. À partir d’une observation des évolutions, cinquante deux experts de la thématique (chercheurs, militants, partisans du budget participatif et consultants de tous les continents) ont réuni leurs observations dans cet ouvrage qui aborde notamment les raisons de l’importante diffusion de ce dispositif de démocratie participative. Gilles Pradeau y fait le point sur les cas français, dont Paris, Montreuil, Rennes et la centaine de cas qu’il a référencés en France !

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Présentation de l’éditeur

"Hope for Democracy" is not only the title of this book, but also the translation of a state of mind infected by innovation and transformative action of many people who in different parts of the world, are engaged in the construction of more lasting and intense ways of living democracy.

The articles found within this publication are "scales" of a fascinating journey through the paths of participatory democracy, from North America to Asia, Oceania to Europe, and Latin America to Africa. ​ With no single directions, it is up to the readers to choose the route they want to travel, being however invited to reinforce this "democratizing wave", encouraging the emergence of new and renewed spaces of participation in the territories where they live and work.


Global Dynamics 13

The next thirty years of Participatory Budgeting in the world start today 15

Winding around money issues. What’s new in Participatory Budgeting and which windows of opportunity are being opened? 35

The Global Spread and Transformation of Participatory Budgeting 55

Regional Dynamics 75


Participatory Budgeting in Africa: A Kaleidoscope tool for good governance and local democracy 77


30 years of Participatory Budgeting in Brazil: the lessons learned 89

Participatory Budgeting in Brazil: Elements for a Brief Evaluation 105

Participatory Budgeting in Argentina (2002-2018). Advances and setbacks in the construction of a participatory agenda 123

Participatory Budgeting in Colombia 135

Mandating Participatory Budgeting : Evaluating Fifteen Years of Peru’s National Participatory Budgeting Law 147


Participatory Budgeting in Canada and the United States 161

Participatory Budgeting for enhanced transparency and Accountability in Mining Royalties: A Breakthrough Story in Mexico 179


Participatory Budgeting in China: Approaches and Development 193

History and Issues of Participatory Budgeting in South Korea 211

Multiple Paths in Search of the Public: Participatory Budgeting in Taiwan 223

Highlights on some Asian and Russian Participatory Budgeting Pioneers 235


Participatory Budgeting in Portugal – standing between a hesitant political will and the impacts on public policies 257

20 Years of Participatory Budgeting in Spain 275

Participatory Budgeting in Italy. Towards a Renaissance? 289

Participatory Budgeting in Scotland: The interplay of public service reform, community empowerment and social justice 311

Participatory Budgeting in Poland in 2013-2018 – Six Years of Experiences and Directions of Changes 337

Participatory Budgeting in Slovenia: A Budding Field 357

A third wave of Participatory Budgeting in France 373

Through a new spirit of Participatory Budgeting in France: Paris (2014-20) 385


Australian Participatory Budgeting 403

Scaling Up Dynamics 425

Developing Participatory Budgeting in Russia 427

The National Participatory Budgeting in Portugal: Opportunities and Challenges for Scaling up Citizen Participation in Policymaking 447

The Schools Participatory Budgeting (SPB) in Portugal 469

Youth Participatory Budgeting – Portugal 479

Democratization of the public investment in Chile: The case of the Participatory Budgeting in the region de Los Ríos, Chile 493

Thematic Dynamics 515

Porto Alegre, from a role model to a crisis 517

Participation of Children and Young People in Local Governance 537

Policy Preferences at Different Stages of Participatory Budgeting: The Case of Paris 553

Participlaying: a reflection on gamification techniques from the standpoint of Participatory Budgeting 567

Author’s Biographies 589

References 609